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Hi, I am interested in buying the Iclebo Arte. My business partner Olivia bought one in May, and we have decided we need one for the office too! By the way, we already have an LG RoboKing robotic cleaner, and when Olivia got hers, she brought it to the office and we compared them. The iClebo was much better at getting over rugs, (Roboking usually gets stuck and gives up) iClebo was more thorough, and managed to find its way back to the charger. The Roboking just wanders aimlessly hoping to encounter the home charging base signal when its battery is low, and as the size of the house is large, Roboking usually fails to make it back!

Regards, Roger C. Burpengary Qld. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi, We are blown away by how much dust, dirt & sand it picks up every time, we both work long hours and iClebo now keeps our home cleaner without any effort, it allows us to have more quality time together when we are not working, it really is an asset to our lives.

Ellis & Rena W. Hornsby Heights N.S.W. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Mark. Just a note to thank you for the outstanding level of service we have received from Alpha Robotics Australia. Your response to my initial email was very quick and to have someone call me directly to enquire about my problem was a pleasant surprise. As you correctly suspected the source of the problem appears to have been the battery and since replacing it with the one you sent me to try out I have had no problems with the vacuum cleaner which is now working as it was when I first got it. I must apologise for not returning the old battery more quickly but I have been rather caught up with work lately and not really had time until now. Since we bought the robot vacuum we have been most impressed with it. as we are a busy professional couple, working full time it’s wonderful to be able to have the house vacuumed each day while we are out. It really is a great time saving device and we certainly consider it money well spent. On top of that, the service you have provided has been excellent. I have purchased parts like filters and side brushes and received those in quick time and no postage costs. On the one occasion when delivery was delayed you sent an email advising me of the delay due to supplies coming from overseas. So thank you once again for a great product and excellent customer service.

Robin B. Adelaide, S.A. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WOW— what a cleaver little machine. If you had told me that a robot vacuum cleaner could do a cleaning job as my Smart Intelligent has done, I wouldn’t have believed it…ever…. but having seen my friends work, I gave it ago with a home demonstration, and was sold on the spot, literally and set my smart model to work straight away after charging him. MY home has carpets and floor boards and rugs, some different levels to manoeuvre and navigate around. As well as cleaning up after my Dog and Cat (messy-hairy things) My Smart vacuum has done a brilliant job consistently since purchasing him (yes him..”Will” ) in October 2010 i do to the job I hate the most. My downstairs is floor boards and rugs, this is not a problem at all, upstairs carpet entirely. Even on carpet with the power head and beater it lifts all the animals hair brilliantly. You wont believe how much hair it gathers into the little receptacle container. I’ve waited or should I say I have expected “will” to need some repairs, or servicing with the number of cleans he has done, but apart from the wiping down with a damp cloth, I find “will” is as good today as he was 5 months ago. Not sure why you Andrew have had this strip issue, I have checked mine, and as I said before, everything is working brilliantly and still in good order I’m sure this strip could be replaced. I think the cost of this machine is totally affordable, when I look at the hours I could be setting up, doing the work itself, and on a hot day, its heaven.

Thanks MARC H-J and “will” Sydney NSW ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well I must say that you have actually undersold this product, as it does our whole 250 square metre downstairs tiled area in one go in around 120 minutes! We have watched it work its way from room to room without missing any of the many smaller rooms we have downstairs. We thought we were reasonable tidy but are constantly amazed at how much iClebo picks up each day. Since using iClebo for over 5 weeks now we have not had to vacuum, or even mop as we find it even seems to polish the tiles with the main brush as it goes. We have recommended it to friends, and some who after seeing how well it works also recently purchased iClebo from you. And we will definitely continue to recommend it to everyone we know in Cairns.

Rod & Sue S. Cairns, Nth Qld. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Mark, We are very happy with our robot vacuum cleaner. It has been used one or two times per week for the past six months and I would not like to be without it now. We have certainly had no trouble with the bin blade – I cleaned it up to have a good look and it is still as new. I would recommend it to friends; not only has it paid for itself, since we only have a cleaner in every fortnight now, but the floors remain presentable between times too. Please feel free to use this in your testimonials.

Regards, Rosemary T. Brisbane Qld. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Alpha Robotics Australia I would just like to thank you for your wonderful service (who else gives you an in-home demo) and after sales service which continues and continues, nothing is too much trouble. It only takes a phone call to get answers to any question and there is no hesitation for your representative to offer to come to our home for after sales service. Most of all, yours is a wonderful cleaning product. I have just recently purchased the “I Clebo home” cleaning robot and I have found it outstanding with its cleaning abilities, quietness and value for money. I in the past have owned 2 “I Robot Roomba’s”, after a very short life span it was time to replace them. The concept of a robotic cleaner suited our life style and I saw the need to replace the Roomba’s. I did some research and found Alpha Robotics Australia [IClebo robot]. As I said above we had an in-home demo and instantly it was obvious the difference between the two products. We did purchase IClebo Home and what a great decision it was. I have found this product to be ahead of the others in leaps and bounds. I will not hesitate to recommend this product and your company to all my friends and family. A very satisfied customer. Open-mouthed smile emoticon

Vicki K. Newcastle NSW ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Mark, Just wanted to say how much I am in love with “Robert” the robot. Robert amuses himself going from room to room with very little fuss and no complaints while I relax and enjoy my morning cuppa. I am constantly amazed at how much dirt/dust is collected from what appears to be a ‘clean’ floor. After just one month of use, I feel this has been money very well spent and have no hesitation in recommending the machine to my best friends.

Regards, Margaret S. Brisbane, Qld. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ An iclebo love story Being the ultimate cynic, I simply did not believe that a robotic vacuum cleaner could possibly be effective. When my husband, after much research, arranged an in-home demo of the iclebo, I thought he was crazy. However, it was love at first sight! Not only does it look elegant, the design is pure genius. Manoeuvring under chairs and around corners, the iclebo misses very little. It is equally effective on shiny hard tiled floors and plush carpeting. The iclebo is surprisingly quiet too, and the best part is that I can program it to turn on at a specific time, clean the floors and return to its docking station to recharge when I’m not even at home. And it is saving me money too as I now don’t need my cleaning service quite as often. The sales support and backup service from Alpha Robotics has been excellent. I can highly recommend the iclebo.

Rene W. Chatswood N.S.W. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Mark, Thank you for your phone call this morning concerning our robotic cleaner, we are rapt with it. It is quite apparent your firm is not a sell & forget like a lot of companies we have had dealings with in the past. We thank you.

Kaye & Les B. Yanchep W.A. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Dear Mark Finally collected iclebo from post office. It did VERY well in its first job of vacuuming the ground floor of our town house. We are in transition at the moment and there is a lot of clutter. It cleaned the whole floor bar a couple of tight nooks thoroughly. Quiet, efficient and impressive. Tomorrow I will take it upstairs for a clean of a different kind, including carpet but from it’s first performance we are optimistic.” Angela. We replied to Angela saying “unless you have plush pile carpet we expect you will be equally happy with the results upstairs” “Dear Mark We don’t have plush pile upstairs but we do have fairly thick carpet, with nearly a cm deep pile. When we sent iClebo to work there, I was very surprised at the depth of clean achieved. The dust bin was chock full of the kind of dust we would empty from our Dyson upright. Again, it was extremely thorough and cleaned many areas that get ignored by our cleaner such as under beds and other furniture. It spent ages under our very low, futon like queen bed and perhaps that was because it sensed extra dust to be extracted. Iclebo has gone to work pretty much daily now. It is quiet enough to allow relaxed conversations or TV or family night time slumber. It’s easy to empty and maintain. The female members of our family have long thick hair that, of course, moults but iClebo and its brushes do not become tangled. Our floors have been delightfully clean everyday even though my family are all extremely busy. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Angela C. South Australia. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hi Mark, Thought I would let you know that the IClebo arrived and after a few teething problems it is working well. Once we got used to setting the room up so that the machine could just do it’s job, there were no problems. It really is amazing how good a job it does and although I haven’t set it to go while I am out yet, it is easy to let it go about it’s work while we have breakfast. It certainly is a more robust machine than the one that Harvey Norman sells. We are very happy with it.”

Kareene L. Western Australia. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hi Mark, I thought I would send you this email as promised just to let you know how Bob was going. The supposed problem with the clock staying on p.m. was actually non- existent – everything was fine once I put on my glasses & had a proper look! Bob is absolutely wonderful! My house has never looked better and he really does a fantastic job.”

Ann B. Cheltenham, Victoria. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hi, Thank you for your reply. The iClebo free does a great job of vacuuming my apartment. In just a single 60-minute session it covers the apartment several times. It works well on wooden floors, tiles, and carpet. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase.”

Regards, Andre D. Australian Capital Territory. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “I had to call you to tell you I have the Robot Vacuum Cleaner working & I think it is truly amazing, I love it” Tammy later wrote… “It has truly revolutionised my life. When I walk into our Home I like it to feel like a motel room after it has been serviced. As I work 72 hours per week, I was always struggling to keep the floors at the standard we enjoy – now it is so simple to keep them at a high standard. Home now says, “Welcome” when I walk through the door. No exaggeration, I can’t imagine life without it now.”

Tammy P. Charters Towers Qld. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hi Mark, Unit received – it actually arrived yesterday. Currently working as I speak – you have a very happy customer. My Mrs says “its a ripper!”…. and you can’t have it back.” (When Jim called to order he asked about returning the unit if not happy.)

Jim B. Coffs Harbour N.S.W. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hi Mark, I purchased a plusa Vacuum Cleaning Robot about a month ago now and it really has made a big difference to our homes cleanliness and has saved us a significant amount of time. We really are very happy with our purchase.”

Gareth T. Henley Beach S.A. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Like the washing machine a robot vacuum is an essential. I am more than happy with my Yujin “plus a”. It is very well built and easy to maintain. I am amazed at how clean the floor is. The “plus a” is easy to take apart for cleaning – I use the regular vacuum to empty the robot and give it a thorough once over. Literally takes only a minute or two at the most. Service from Alpha Robotics Aust is second to none – prompt response to any enquiry or minor hiccups. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or buy another one, even just as a standby -as I can’t imagine ever being without a robot vacuum now.”

Karen W. Glen Forrest W.A. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Bought on Tuesday, now cleaning my floors on Thursday! Excellent service.”

James D. Byron Bay N.S.W. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Dear Sirs, I recently ordered your Robot Vacuum Cleaner through the internet. It was delivered yesterday, and I am delighted with its performance and effectiveness”

James B. Bald Hills Qld. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Mark, Just had to send this message and let you know what a fantastic machine the plus’a’ Yujin Vacuum Robot is. It is probably the best electrical appliance we own. It does a fantastic, actually unbelievable job and we can’t believe how efficient it is. It works just as well on tiles, wooden floors and carpets. We can’t believe how much dust it actually captures. It has revolutionised the way we do housework, given us more spare time and delivers a nice clean product in the process. Keep up the good work. we can’t wait to see what future models deliver.

Stephen & Regina V. L. Woodvale W.A. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Thank you for coming to do the home demo last Saturday, We are very happy with the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Mark is a very efficient person and his service is applaudable. ”

Mrs C. Menai N.S.W. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “I said Wow that is amazing when I saw the dust & pet hair it picked up off what I thought looked like reasonably clean carpet, I was very surprised”

Louise C. Killara N.S.W. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hi Mark, I can confirm that the robot is working just fine, making it’s way around the rooms doing it’s job. I hope your business trip up north goes well and brings you more success. Thanks again for the fantastic service.

Regards,” Martin P. Keilor Vic. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hello Mark, I want to thank you for being so helpful, and for your wonderful service. I am very happy with my new plus’a’ robot vacuum, it is surprising just how well it works. Being a shift worker & a busy mum it can be very difficult to keep on top of the vacuuming, but now with the robot doing the job it has taken a load of my shoulders.”

Helen W. Glenorie N.S.W. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hi Mark, Thank you for the excellent warranty service you provided. My alphavac is doing a great job. My floors have never been cleaner, really, and its easy to use. I should know as I am wheelchair bound and limited hand function, yet I can still empty the dustbin and filters are easy to empty and clean. And it cleans where I can’t reach and more often, given the convenience of alpha robot vacuum that really works well. Thank you.”

Murray W. Brisbane Qld. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hi Guys, I received my Yujin Robot plus’a’ vacuum cleaner on Friday, thankyou for your quick response. I am delighted with the results of the machine, its amazing.”

Jacqueline M. Woodchester S.A. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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