iClebo Arte

iClebo Arte – The Best Robot Vacuum?

The iClebo Arte robot vacuum cleaner The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner? take a look at our Video see what you think.

iClebo Arte is a sophisticated Intelligent Robot vacuum from Yujin Robot Co. It features Camera based mapping. It can go from room to room effectively cleaning, which makes this Robot Vacuum perfect for anyone that is time poor. Suits Hard floors or flat pile Carpet.

Vacuuming is like laundry or dishwashing, it’s a never ending task. So now just like your washing machine or dishwasher there is an answer, iClebo Arte!

Even though there are many really good vacuum cleaners available, who has the time let alone the motivation to drag out that often clumsy vacuum. Chores may even sometimes be shared among family members, still, most of the vacuum cleaning is largely done by one person in the home, and often even when they are also working a demanding job outside of the home.

Why pay $799.00 – $999.00 for Miele Scout Rx1? when it is made by Yujin Robot, yes it is basically iClebo Arte! re-badged as Miele,  with a different top cover!

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Smart, the integration of superior technology, triple cpu’s, gyro, on-board camera Cleaning efficiency, the main function required of a cleaning robot, with vacuum, twin side brushes, main brush – spinning at 816 times per minute! that’s almost 14 revolutions per second! and a lithium battery for up to 2 hours cleaning!  Convenient, with ease of use, and Green, with consideration for the environment, made with recyclable materials, low power use – iClebo Arte is the robot cleaner that is right for your environment.


Triple CPU’s gives Arte the smarts for superior performance

imgC2    imgE2

Various cleaning Modes, can be used in mapping mode or random mode.



Micro fibre mopping pad is an added dimension to vacuuming alone




Slim design gets iClebo Arte into more places, under beds & sofas. We all know how much dust can gather in those difficult to get to areas.




iClebo Arte - What is in the Box?

iClebo Arte – What is in the Box?

img55 Sand test result


iClebo Arte from Yujin Robot is equipped with all of the elements required to give  it the ability safely navigate and clean your home areas as effectively as any robot vacuum, and more efficiently than most.

Actually, iClebo has been helping with the task of vacuuming longer than most, offering robotic vacuum models for around 10 years. Yujin Robot Co. are a dedicated robotics company, with continuing research & development. They certainly are not a copy company like most in the market. iClebo has the best technology in the area of robotics throughout the world, and presents various robots from toy robots to domestic robot vacuum cleaners, and even military robots. Yujin Robot have supplied their robotic cleaners to Philips, and now Miele. iClebo has played a leading role in the popularisation of robotic vacuums, particularly in Korea and also with popular support in Europe. Yujin Robot with a line-up of iClebo’s since 2005, a product of standout quality & performance. The iClebo Arte robot vacuum cleaner is optimised for various environments and is made by one of the best robot manufacturers in the world, it is iClebo Arte! The marking of MADE IN KOREA just adds to your confidence of reliability.

A perfect partner to help in the home – iClebo Arte

Please Note: Camera mapping requires flat ceilings to function, not suited to sloping or high stepped up ceilings.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to call us.. 1300 AROBOT  that’s… 1300 276 268

iClebo Arte $899.00

Summer Sale – $599.00 Hurry, limited time!

Call us…. even lower prices for Direct deposit & Credit card payments!         02 8209 1709     

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Buy Two  iClebo Arte $1798.00  from $998.00 That’s only $499.00 each.!        ( includes delivery to only one address.)

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It’s a big call to claim to be the best robotic vacuum, and really there is no best, though iClebo robot vacuum cleaners are definitely amongst the top contenders having unique and market leading features & technologies. It would be even harder to claim which is worst, with so many bad models on the market tarnishing the reputation of robot vacuum cleaners in general. Please understand even a good robot vacuum is not perfect, they should be considered as a helper that will keep the home cleaner than you not having time to do it so often, or maybe in-between services from your weekly cleaner’s visits. If you have any situations other than conventional flat floors & ceilings, or any unusual ceiling features or fixtures please contact us for further advice on suitability before you buy iClebo. You should realise that even the best Robot Vacuum cleaners do have some limitations and do require you to work with them both operationally and with maintenance. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us so we can do our very best to assist you.



We have been made aware by some of our customers that some websites are claiming this model is discontinued, they also falsely state that the model is not available in Australia. iClebo Arte is still a current model that you can find on U.S. websites such as Amazon.com  Please be assured this model is available, and that we will be here to service our customers through their warranty period, and beyond.

If you have any questions we prefer you give us a call,

Tel. 02 8209 1709 or 1300 AROBOT

or email us…

sales at (@) alpharobot dot com dot au (we are tired of spam bots)



2 Responses to iClebo Arte

  1. Cherilyn Lowe says:

    Hello I. Wondering how many rooms will the robot do?

    • mark says:

      Hello Cherilyn, thank you for your enquiry.

      Well, it really depends on the size of the rooms. Do you have a very large home? Robot vacuums really are designed for average size homes. iClebo Arte will cope with up to 200 square metres, for a larger home you really are asking a lot from a little robot. You can always close some doors, or do half today, and half tomorrow. I hope this helps, and please feel free to call me if you would like more details about this or any other questions.


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