Welcome, Established in 2008 Alpha Robotics Australia brings you iClebo, Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner models designed & manufactured in Korea, by Yujin Robot Co. These Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaners are Premium models, they represent the best in performance, design & durability. They stand tall by comparison amongst the best known robotic vacuums and the highest in price. Yujin Robot focused on designing high quality Robot Vacuum Cleaners that concentrated on effective floor cleaning, matched up with Intelligent Camera mapping Robotics, with Intelligent sensors to ensure efficiency of design & features of convenience, packed into well built stylish Robot Vacuums that are easy to use and made to make your life easier.


Internationally renowned & respected Korean Robotics Company Yujin Robot were established in 1994, and since that have been continuously developing and manufacturing various kinds of Robot products for their customers, and they became the No. 1 Robot manufacturer in Korea, especially in the field of Robot Vacuum cleaners, now one of their best selling products in Korea and throughout the world. 

Our Promise  

Alpha Robotics Australia are very interested in Customer Satisfaction, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of Service as well as after Sales Customer Support & Service. Your Satisfaction is our priority. We will strive to provide you with service that is clearly ahead of our competitors and we Commit to matching the standout superior quality & reliability of Yujin Robot Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

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